Upgrading to 0.14.1 and beyond from any pre-0.14.1 version

In the case you have previous information in the database used by Orion Context Broker and that database contains geo-located entities you need to apply the following procedure. Otherwise, you can use the default upgrading procedure.

  • Stop contextBroker
  • Remove previous contextBroker version

    yum remove contextBroker
  • Take a backup of your DBs (this is just a safety measure in the case some problem occurs, e.g the swap_coords.js script gets interrupted before finished and your database data ends in a incoherent status)

  • Download the following script: swap_coords.js
  • Apply the script to your DBs, using the following (where 'db' is the database name). Note that if you are using multitenant/multiservice you need to apply the procedure to each per-tenant/service database.

    mongo <db> swap_coords.js
  • Install new contextBroker version (Sometimes the commands fails due to yum cache. In that case, run "yum clean all" and try again)

    yum install contextBroker
  • Start contextBroker

Note that the rpm command demand superuser privileges, so you have to run them as root or using the sudo command.