Security considerations

Authentication and Authorization

Orion doesn't provide "native" authentication nor any authorization mechanisms to enforce access control. However, authentication/authorization can be achieved the access control framework provided by FIWARE GEs.

More specifically, Orion is integrated in this framework using the FIWARE PEP Proxy GE. At the present moment, there are two GE implementations (GEis) that can work with Orion Context Broker:

In the above links you will find the documentation about how to use both GEis.


Orion Context Broker supports HTTPS, using the -https options (which in addition needs the -key and -cert options, to specify the files containing the private key and certificates for the server, respectively). Check the command line options section in the administration manual for details. Note that current Orion version cannot run in both HTTP and HTTPS at the same time, i.e. using -https disables HTTP.

HTTPS notifications

Apart from using HTTPS in the API server exported by Orion, you can also use HTTPS in notifications. In order to do so you have to use the "https" protocol schema in URL in your subscriptions, e.g.

  "url": ""

Orion will send HTTPS notification natively. Note that by default Orion will reject connections to non-trusted endpoints (i.e. the ones which certificate cannot be authenticated with known CA certificates). If you want to avoid this behaviour you need to use the -insecureNotif CLI parameter but note that doing so is an insecure configuration (e.g. you could suffer man-in-the-middle attacks).