Rush relayer

Apart from running Orion Context Broker in "stand alone" mode, you can also take advanage of Rush as notification relayer. Thus, instead of managing the notifications itself (including waiting for the HTTP timeout while the notification receives responses), Orion passes the notification to Rush, which in turn deals with it. Thus, Orion can implement a "fire and forget" policy for notification sending, realying in Rush (a piece of sofware hihgly specialized in that task) for that.

In addition, you can send notifications using HTTPS using Rush ,see security section in Users and Programmers manual.

In order to use Rush you need:

  • A running Rush instance network-reachable from Orion, e.g. in the same host and reachable using "localhost". The installation of Rush is out the scope of this manual, please check the Rush documentation for that.
  • Run Orion using the -rush command line interface, which value has to be the Rush host and port, eg. -rush localhost:1234 means that Rush is listening in port 1234 in localhost.

HTTP Rush relayer is used only for notifications. Other cases in which Orion acts as HTTP client (eg. forwarding query/updates to Context Providers) doesn't use Rush and Orion always sends the HTTP request itself.